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My approach

For me, a constructive and confident working relationship with my client group is key to project success.

My role is to help get the maximum benefit for your organisation, by working with the people within your organisation to support the business strategic aims and objectives, delivering change and realising the benefits.

I am hard working, responsible and honest.

Project Management

Project management includes

  • Identify the clients objectives, creation of the project brief
  • Supervise appraisals and feasibility studies
  • Establish the budget and project plan
  • H&S planning & management, CDM coordination
  • Advise on / manage appropriate procurement strategies
  • Advise / appoint project team
  • Coordinate construction, site management
  • Completion, defects liability, maintenance manuals
  • Post completion care, operations manuals etc...

This list is far from comprehensive.

The five essential elements to control of a project

Safety >> Environment >> Time >> Cost >> Quality

However it must be remembered projects are about people

People deliver projects - plans don't.

The ability to communicate well with the client, the project team, utilise those skills to negotiate with contractors and stakeholders, build the teams capacity, gain buy in etc.. is perhaps the most valuable skill any project manager can bring to a project.

How could project management benefit you

The benefits are proven - it saves time and money, reduces risk and generates a more successful outcome. Project management benefits anyone managing a project with time or cost constraints, particularly so if the project is complex large or in a challenging environment. Originally developed to save time on a project by planning it out and considering all relevant factors which may affect its outcome.

Whether in Public, Private or Voluntary Sector, clients are increasingly asking for experienced project and programme professionals with best practice in this discipline alongside specific industry/sector or content expertise.

Contracting in project management skills is a sound business decision and an investment for your projects future success.

CDM Coordination & H&S

Everyone in construction needs to know about the new construction health and safety regulations. CDM 2007 will help you to:

  • Improve health and safety in your industry.
  • Have the right people for the right job at the right time to manage the risks on site.
  • Focus on effective planning and managing risk - manage the risk not the paperwork.

From 6th April 2007, the new CDM regulations come into force - today's planning supervisors will become tomorrow's CDM Coordinators. Whilst the new role builds on the skill set of the planning supervisor all duty holders will need a detailed understanding of the new regulations in order to discharge an effective response to statutory obligations.

Clients and designers particularly have a wider remit in health and safety management under the new regulations and the role of the CDM Coordinator is instrumental in ensuring the fulfilment of those legal obligations.

I am a trained CDM Coordinator (2007) accredited and validated by the Association for Project Safety. I have also delivered CDM registered projects.


Feasibility studies and research that I have been involved in includes:

  • Strategic planning for rural regeneration, recreation and tourism projects.
  • Countryside and water recreation.
  • Adventure activities and access.
  • Long distance footpath creation, information and interpretation. Upland and lowland.
  • Multi user footpath developments.
  • Business plans.
  • Tourist information provision.
  • Safe cycle route to schools.
  • Questionnaire design and analysis.
  • Community based consultation and planning.
  • Sustainable recreation and tourism products.
  • Economic appraisal of activity based projects and developments.

Full CV available.

Path Contract Management

From tendering process through to completion. Increasingly I am being asked to ensure that projects are delivered on time and to budget by clients who lack the time and or resources to deal directly with the contractors during the construction phase.

I can deliver the required preconstruction information and administer the projects and contracts on behalf of the client. Ensuring the quality standards of paths delivered through contract management are recognised as having both short term and long term benefits.

I am experienced and qualified in construction site management, contract management, project management, H&S management and CDM coordination.

Mountain Bike Trail Development

I have had the unique experience of successfully project managing the creation of a World Class Mountain biking product from initial concept generated by the community group through to operational mode. The Penmachno Trails project also completed the Welsh Assembly Governments mountain biking strategy. "Community group delivers on National Strategy".

This 4 year contract involved creating a brand new MTB trail product from scratch. 19km of new build off road singletrack, built to very high specification to ensure low maintenance and to underpin the products long term sustainability.

I have formed an extensive database of trail related information e.g. contract documents, project plans, H&S file etc... I also have a database of trail builders and construction companies that I have worked with and would recommend - all at your disposal.

For further details on project managing trail builds please contact myself, I would be happy to discuss any opportunities further, I can provide reports from the Penmachno Trails project that outline the project successful outputs and lesson's learnt. Client references also available.

I am currently facilitating the Mountain Bike Trail Managers Forum - Wales for WAG DEIN.


Above all a facilitator is a person who helps you get results!

Fund Sourcing & Bid Preparation

Advice on funding options and funding strategies. Completion of funding applications and bid preparation. I have successfully drawn down over £1 million worth of project funding in the last 3 years, and been involved in working up bids to a similar amount.